By Michael Okubena


Jobelyn® is produced from a unique variety of Sorghum bicolor, recently domesticated from a West African wild variety, representing genetic makeup not a result of intense breeding efforts.

Health benefits include:

  • Strong antioxidant support helps prevent oxidation of red blood cells
  • Can bring relief for stressed circulatory systems
  • Helps improve joint health by inhibiting release of pro-inflammatory properties
  • Immune activating components for the body to help combat colds & flu

Jobelyn® has an unusual chemical profile compared to other variants of Sorghum bicolor. It has a very high content of unique antioxidant polyphenols, including unique dimeric 3-deoxyanthocyanidins. These compounds contribute to the chemical and biological antioxidant effects. Jobelyn® is GRAS-certified by the FDA.

Chronic inflammatory conditions sometimes underlie many aspects of declining physical and mental health. Comprehensive anti-inflammatory nutritional strategies have been increasingly gaining attention for health and wellness management. Inflammation involves multiple pathways, including:

  • Production of damaging free radicals
  • Infiltration of inflammatory cells into target tissues
  • Up-regulation of inflammatory enzymes, such as COX-2

Jobelyn® was evaluated in laboratory tests involving separate mechanisms of action. Jobelyn® contains a complex array of compounds with different chemical properties that inhibit free radical production, reduce infiltration of inflammatory cells, and inhibit COX-2 enzymatic activity. This suggests a multi-faceted anti-inflammatory capacity of Jobelyn®.