About Us

The health and wellness benefits of plants have been known for centuries. Sorghum bicolor leaf powder has been used to manage numerous conditions peculiar to sub-saharan Africa and parts of South East Asia.

Jobelyn® adopts a holistic approach towards health management which leads to using herbs in their most complete and natural form to allow the body to utilize the full, undiminished balance of ingredients provided by nature – with the added benefits of quality control and assurance achieved through our careful manufacturing process.

At Jobelyn®, our expertise is clearly and effectively focused in the field of research and development of medicinal herbal preparations:

  • Identifying and sourcing potent plants & herbs from different geographical locations
  • Research of various herbs and their active ingredients
  • Conducting clinical & pre-clinical studies on the effects of herbal preparations
  • Development & packaging preparations for use and distribution 

Jobelyn® is committed to the research and development of medicinal herbal preparations. Our study and in-depth knowledge of tropical plants has allowed us to provide quality herbal remedies and health supplements.

All the stages of our production process-- from plant identification, formulation and preparation, to packaging and distribution of all our finished products--are based on our health enhancement philosophy.

Our ongoing research and development to identify useful plants, develop medicinal formulas, and test for effectiveness is an integral part of our commitment to enhancing standards of healthy living around the globe.


  • Our mission is to replace inadequate orthodox medicines with proven all-natural remedies and improve world-wide health. Through the use of natural medicine, we inspire to find natural solutions to today’s common health problems.
  • Our vision is to become the leading nutraceutical company through the use of potent and safe herbal products. We are engaged in herbal research and development activities to discover new formulas and active compounds that improve quality health.
  • Our knowledge of traditional and modern herbal medicine allows us to partner with global leaders and provide cutting edge products to all. We are aligned with world renown research establishments for further research and development of herbs and plants; we also market and distribute the emerging products worldwide. We supply pharmaceutical companies with raw herbal ingredients.

To learn more about Jobelyn® and our products, please review our studies and articles or contact us at info@jobelyn.com.