Jobelyn's Social Mission

jobelyn social mission 

Jobelyn partners directly with family farmers in West Africa to grow sorghum, the main ingredient of Jobelyn. By contracting directly with local farmers to grow only sorghum in their fields, Jobelyn is able to both:

  • Provide stability for families & communities in West Africa
  • Ensure the sorghum used in Jobelyn is only of the highest quality

This arrangement is a win-win for both Jobelyn as a business and as social entrepreneurs. 

Building Sustainable Communities

In many rural areas of West Africa, farming can be an unstable way of life. Selling crops directly to consumers is a fickle industry and takes up more than half of a farmer’s time that otherwise could be spent on growing. By working directly with local farmers to grow only sorghum that Jobelyn purchases in full every year, little by little we can provide stability to these rural families.

The Mission

Jobelyn's founders are from West Africa and the ultimate mission is to bring economic growth and stability to rural parts of their home country, Nigeria, and other regions of West Africa. Jobelyn's founders believe that they can achieve this while not only providing the best quality product to their customers, but while growing a strong and profitable business, as well. We firmly believe that a social mission does not need to be at the expense of the growth and well-being of the business. 

Jobelyn Believes in a Better Tomorrow Through Building Healthy, Stable Communities