The Strategy

  • Through the use of natural medicine, we intend to find natural solutions to today’s common health problems.
  • We are currently engaged in herbal research and development activities to discover new formulas and active compounds that improve quality health.
  • We are aligned with world renown research establishments for further research and development of herbs and plants, and also collaborating to market and distribute the emerging products worldwide.
  • We also supply pharmaceutical companies with raw herbal ingredients.

Since the founding of our company, we have successfully engaged in the development and production of several herbal preparations and supplements.

These include Jobelyn®, Benalax and Erectaid. All three of these products organically improve the lives and lifestyles of thousands of people around the world.

We offer Jobelyn® in bulk volumes as:

  • Additives to food products
  • Edible enhancements

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Producing Quality Natural Health Products

Not only do we produce, package, and develop our own natural remedies and natural health products, but we also supply wholesale medicinal herbs for retailers, as well as other neutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

With research teams in several countries trained to produce and harvest medicinal herbs, we are in a strategic position to provide these remedies to others.

We identify useful plants and herbs around the world, from which we can then develop health enhancing formulas.

Through clinical studies we have tested and authenticated these formulas to derive the greatest health benefits from each plant in the safest and most environmentally friendly ways possible.

We offer distribution retailers point of purchase displays, wholesale collateral, and discounts. Research and development are integral parts of our commitment to improving the worldwide standard of healthy living. For more information about private labeling for your company as well as wholesale opportunities -- Contact Us!