With tried and true products like Sorghum Bicolor Leaf Powder, Jobelyn® plays a prominent role for supporting health and wellness aspects.

Jobelyn’s Sorghum Bicolor Leaf Powder has been rigorously tested and proven to provide cardiovascular support.

  • Strong antioxidant support helps prevent oxidation of red blood cells
  • Brings relief for stressed circulatory systems in Sickle Cell patients
  • Helps improve joint health by inhibiting release of pro-inflammatory properties
  • Immune activating components for the body to help combat colds & flu

From beginning to end, we ensure the greatest quality at the most affordable cost. Our private labeling provides security for our customers and fulfills the expectation that our products have been thoroughly researched and painstakingly monitored from harvest to packaging.

We offer our Sorghum Bicolor Leaf Powder in bulk wholesale volumes as additives to food products and edible enhancements for the following:

  • Beverages
  • Bakeries
  • Human Food and Drink Products
  • Pet Medicine
  • Edible Pet Products

Please contact us for more information about bulk purchases.